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Spilled Drinks

Proof that drinking and dancing mix well. August 2004 Heart of the Beast Theatre, Minneapolis, MN;

Three Years, Three Inches, Three Dances

The three co-founders, all three inches apart in height, celebrate the third birthday of their company, Three Dances!  This special birthday party/ performance is packed with guest artists performing music, dance and more! March 2004 Patrick’s Cabaret, Minneapolis, MN

Tics, Tweaks and Tumbles

Three Dances produces their first Fringe Festival show.  Rohan Preston’s review in the Star Tribune says “These experimental pieces by Brinsley Davis, Jamey Garner, and Suzanne Wiltgen feature clever, even funny, bits…And there are ideas about rapacious sexuality.” August 2002 Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis, MN

Bosch’s Harp

Three Dances travels to Rhode Island to perform for the first time with composer Steven Jobe.  This show is composed of music and dances based on Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights.” December 2001 The Carriage House, Providence, RI


With the help of choreographic mentor Deborah Jinza Thayer, Three Dances produces their first show in her living room. September 2001 Private space, St. Paul, MN