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Cliché and Bourgeoise

Choreographed and performed by Jamey Garner Cliché and Bourgeoise is a solo developed from the idea of the words in the title. Combining elements drawn from a Western repertoire of ballet, modern and postmodern dance and spiced with impressions of voudou and spirit possession, the solo is created for marathon purposes. In the final version […]

Antique’s Daughter

Choreographed by Jamey Garner Work in Progress Employing gaze as an element for investigation, Antique’s Daughter  explores the concept of the perception of the feminine. Drawing from the scrutiny of the artist and performer, the piece returns the stare to the audience. Utilizing the idea of seeing, being seen and sacred space, the dancers break through the […]

Brewed Bitches

Brinsley and Jamey created a new site-specific work for a hot tub in Tucson, AZ. Premiered January 27, 2010 Photo by Alex Wohlhueter

Interactive: The Musical

Commissioned by Clockwork Active Media Systems for a short film, Brinsley’s choreography featured most of the Clockwork staff and their unique space. Features the song 9 to 5.


Brinsley created this dance during her pregnancy and performed it in her eighth month.  The piece is a humorous representation of the movements of the squirming being inside her body.


Choreographed by Suzanne Wiltgen Photo courtesy of Scott Pakudaitis


Choreographed by Three Dances Photo courtesy of Scott Pakudaitis

The Superpowers Improvisation

Choreographed by Jamey Garner Photo courtesy of Scott Pakudaitis

Music and Dance for Three Hurdy-Gurdies

Choreographed by Three Dances

Ballet Box Compartment 4

Choreographed by Jamey Garner Photo courtesy of Scott Pakudaitis