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Three Dances

Three Dances is a collaborative dance company based in Minneapolis, Tucson and Virginia.  Brinsley Davis, Jamey Garner and Suzanne Wiltgen founded the company in 2001.   Their intriguing blend of fancy footwork and stumbling steps creates a unique movement vocabulary that attracts a diverse audience.

Brinsley in Bedlam’s 10X10 Fest

Brinsley is acting and dancing in “Dear Daughter” written by Lisa Brimmer and directed by SuperGroup. The 10 minute play is part of Set C and will be performed at the Capri Theater May 12-15.

Performing at Lightsey Darst’s Book Release

Brinsley will be hosting the book release for Lightsey Darst’s new work  “Find the Girl” and performing a Three Dances classic, “Fleur sur Merde.” Wednesday, April 14 at 7 pm Bryant-Lake Bowl Featuring performances by Mad King Thomas, Three Dances, and Vanessa Voskuil, readings by Heidi Farrah, Cindra Halm, Haley Lasché, and Lightsey Darst, and […]

New Job for Brinsley

Brinsley has accepted a job with the Zenon Dance School as the Coordinator for their (soon to be renamed ) Scholarship Program.  She will be on the lookout for new choreographers for the Scholarship  Shows and hopes to attract a wide range of students to the audition next session.

Choreographers’ Evening Stirs Debate

Some accuse Choreographers’ Evening of sucking.  Others say it wasn’t all totally sucky.  Others defend it by saying it’s ART, and therefore is impervious to sucking.  Follow the debate at the Walker blog.

Jamey in MoMA’s Permanent Collection

The Chambers Hotel in Minneapolis created a video art piece featuring what at first appears to be footage from live surveillance shots.  Jamey Garner acted in one of the scenes featured in this installation that blends art and marketing.  The video won a Gold Film Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2009 and has been added […]

Interactive: The Musical

Commissioned by Clockwork Active Media Systems for a short film, Brinsley’s choreography featured most of the Clockwork staff and their unique space. Features the song 9 to 5.

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend

Punk glam fashion designer Saira Huff of Total Crap Uninc commissioned a dance by Jamey Garner to accompany her fashion show at the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend.   September 19, 2009 Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY  

St. Catherine University Opening Celebration

Brinsley Davis choreographed three dances for the opening of the 2009 school year.  20 faculty and staff dancers, including the University President, performed for an audience of hundreds of co-workers, receiving a standing ovation. September 1, 2009 The O’Shaughnessy, St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN

Suzanne moves to New York

Suzanne and her husband, jazz trumpeter and composer Kelly Rossum, have moved to New York City where they will take the art world by storm!