Trio of headsThree Dances is the choreographic collaboration of Brinsley Davis, Jamey Garner and Suzanne Wiltgen. Since it’s inception in 2001 Three Dances has produced shows and performed in Minnesota, Rhode Island and New York.  Their mission is to make concert dance accessible to audiences without compromising their artistic standards, exploring the intersection between art and entertainment.  Brinsley, Jamey and Suzanne feel that collaboration is the most complete way to create and perform. Rehearsals include an open exchange of ideas between the dancers, choreographers, director, and composer, and once the piece has been shown, the audience.

Three Dances has created work for fashion shows, children’s events, benefit galas, art openings and live performances with spoken word artists, classical musicians and rock ‘n rollers.  They enjoy taking modern dance off the stage and bringing it to new audiences, performing in a shoe store display window, a backyard, a bookstore, a church, a living room, a bar, a hot tub, art galleries and outdoor festivals.  The adaptability of their work and its wide appeal allow for accessibility within both traditional and non-traditional dance environments.