Antique’s Daughter in Renovate 2011

Antique’s Daughter is a part of the Ritz Theater’s Renovate: A Choreographer’s Evening.

Shows: March 4th and 5th at 8pm and March 6 at 2pm, 2011

Tickets: $18 Adults and $15 Senior/Student/Northeast Minneapolis resident

Ritz Theater Box Office: 612-436-1129

Photo credit Jim Smith

New Job for Suzanne

Today, Suzanne begins rehearsals at Jacksonville State University, where she has been hired to choreograph the musical Aida.

Cliché and Bourgeoise

Jamey will be performing her new solo, “Cliché and Bourgeoise” (a work in progress), at the Zenon Zone Performance Group Fall Showcase.

Sunday, December 12, 2010, 7:30 pm, $10 tickets available at the door

Hennepin Center for the Arts, Studio 4A, 528 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis

Joan Vorderbruggen of Lollycopter has been kind enough to create a one-of-a-kind, found, wearable art piece for this dance.

And long-time Three Dances collaborator Steven Jobe recommended his composition “Clownfish Trioriz”.

Read the City Pages Dressing Room Preview by Shelby Meyers.

Photos courtesy of Scott Pakudaitis

Antiquing in MN…

The piece Jamey returned to Minneapolis to make (along with gaining a sprained ankle and broken teeth) will be seen in its most final form to date on Friday, November 19 and Saturday, November 20, 2010 at Patrick’s Cabaret. Show time is 8pm. Pre-sale tickets can be purchased for $8 from Jamey (email her) or at the door for $10.

And now introducing the members of the Garner Group:

Katy Becker, Three Dances alum and a healer for creating clear hearts, double master’s degrees and an incredible dancer…

Mica Cornell, Suzanne discovered Mica and Jamey kept her, she’s amazing…

Lightsey Darst, survived all of the Ballet Box compartments and keeps coming back for more…southern women and their dark streaks….

Don Mabley Allen, you all thought he was an actor…he’s also a damn fine dancer…

Arturo Miles, hip hop master, also survived a Ballet Box compartment and dreamy to boot…

Liz Shoenborn, has been through all the incarnations of Antique’s Daughter, in all of the various performances of said incarnation, and is a young firecracker talent…

and Jamey…you can read all about her under the About tab in this website…

Photo courtesy of Digital Crush Photography

New YouTubing

Check out the new video up on YouTube of the Zenon Dance Zone Student Performance Group performing Antique’s Daughter this past July at the BLB’s 9×22 Dance/Lab.

Jamey is re-working the piece onto her pickup company of professional dancers, the Garner Group, to be performed at Patrick’s Cabaret on November 19 and 20, 2010. Pre-sale tickets can be purchased by contacting Three Dances.

Photo courtesy of Digital Crush Photography